Monday, January 07, 2008

Hailing Indira killers as martyrs - Please, someone condemn SGPC

News item "Indira killers are martyrs, says SGPC" in TOI today.
A highly condemnable, criminal and anti-national act by SGPC.

But it is evident that media is totally playing down on this news without giving adequate coverage. It appeared as a small news item in page 6 or 7 of Times of India today. BJP and the Hindutva groups are observing deathly silence. Congress is so numb to even dare a rebuttal - it probably does not want to antogonise Sikhs at this point, with Paaji Manmohan Singh at the helm.

Media deliberately and consciously avoids showing Sikh religious leadership in bad light even when it is involved in such an act.

Remember how media kept harping on the passing comment of another Vedanti, Mr. Ram Vilas Vedanti of Varanasi a few months ago? The one abt cutting Karunanidhi's toungue, as a punishment against TN CM's insult on Sri Rama. This was a simple intimidation by some lower rank individual in the VHP and the media trumpeted it as an example of "Hindu intolerance" for a long time, in spite of Vedanti retreating from it!

This act of SGPC, the highest body of Sikhs legmitises and sanctifies the killers of a former PM thru a religious ceremony, aimed at sowing the seeds of terrorism and separatism.

Super-appeasement of the Sikh fundamentalism by the media and all political parties, including the "anti-appeasement" BJP! This is a very, very dangerous precedent.

Please, someone condemn SGPC.

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